March 01, 2006

bear with me. ew, i hate that phrase. sigh.

i'm working on a new space to write. i like it so far. other than the fact that it doesn't seem like i can alter the html. hmm...that could possibly drive me batty eventually, but at this point it's kind of refreshing to NOT have to worry too much about getting the template PERFECT. so yeah.

not much going on around here, anyway, really. my b-day is quickly approaching. i'm very aware of it because we're having a family get-together on saturday for mine and my sister's b-days at once. whoo. (i was going to say something but decided not to when i remembered this diary is not private.) i was so used to writing over at the other place where i could say what i wanted, but i really don't feel like dealing with the aftermath if someone HAPPENS to read this. chances are they gave up when they noticed i was gone for a number of months, but you never know. some people could be obsessive. maybe they bookmarked this page and checked it every day. doubtful. but possible. people are effed up.

so anyway. this weekend my mom bought me some drapes for my bedroom, and they're pretty! AND i'll get to sleep IN this weekend, and it will be FABulous. normally i wake up around 7:30 on the weekends because the sunlight comes streaming happily in through my giant window. NO MORE, SUN!

i've been listening a lot to the Ticket radio (AM 1310) thanks to the boyfriend's influence. i actually like a lot of it. sometimes i have to turn it off because it is too much "male." i'll laugh along with them most of the time, but every now and then i start shaking my head in dismay and click the off button. online radio is a great thing, though.

i hope to have a lot of my credit cards paid off in the next few months. this will be very good news for my Savings account, which has been readily ignored for a while now. poor savings.

what should i do tonight after work? i should really work out. hmm. maybe i'll do the dance game. DDR is my friend. you know what sucks? high freaking electric bills.

you know what i just realized? i think my sister is having a b-day party for her youngest twins on saturday. this is fine and dandy, but their b-day was in mid-january. does that seem odd? how did i not notice that before? they're going to the "Little Gym." that's like the cutest thing i've ever heard. i'm thinking about going along to watch. only thing is the family thing starts at 5:30, and the little gym thing is at 12:30. i can't very well ask the boyfriend to come to the Little Gym, and i also don't want him to drive all the way to my family's by himself (he's already done this once before). so...i guess i could head over there a little before 12:30 and maybe have lunch w/my mama and then go to the little gym and then drive back and ride back over with C. that seems a little excessive, but oh well. we'll see.

i realized that i am not anywhere close to wanting to move in together or to get married. and don't even get me started on babies. that doesn't even get a consideration on my part. not that he and i have talked about any of these things, but i'm just sayin'. i'm in NO hurry. i'm just now getting used to being in a relationship. i can't imagine LIVING with him. i need some alone time and some space to myself sometimes. i love him more than anything, but seriously. he's a man. which means he inevitably gets under my skin every now and then. i'd be hard-pressed to ever find someone so genuinely sweet who cares about me who i also have a strong connection with. am i still talking? it's 5:21, i need to leave already. what the hell am i doing?

ok well, hope this little update tides ya over. i mean don't hurl yourselves off the cliffs of Dover or anything when i don't write for 5 days, ok? i know you were thinking about it. hee.

hot dog! it's almost thursday!


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