July 23, 2005

i thought i already posted a disclaimer, but apparently i need to post another one.

if you are offended by what you read in this diary, et cetera:

i'm tired of worrying about what people think about me. i'm tired of being upset when someone doesn't like me. i'm tired of trying to win everyone i know. some people can't be won. i am learning to live with that. i am becoming more OK with that "you can't please everyone" mantra. i should recite it daily.

this is my diary, and while it IS posted online, so technically the whole world can read it, fine. let them read it. have at it, world. though it's not really interesting enough to warrant such readership, is it?

so, it being my diary, i'm entitled to write whatever i want.

and if someone out there ends up reading something on here that they disagree with or find annoying or bitchy or immature or self-loathing or self-obsessive or narcissistic, then great. no one cares. i don't care. and you don't even REALLY care. you just think you do. really, you're probably just bored or irritated that life sucks. but wake up: we're all irritated that life sucks. because it sucks in different ways for everyone, i promise.

so this is not by any means a bible of my life. what is written here is only a FRACTION of my life, a tiny smidgeon of who i am, and even sometimes the PICTURES don't look like me. it's all just a big pile of nothings, really. but they're MY nothings, and i need to be free to put them out here. so i am. i will. i am.

do not harass me/confront me in person, over email, on the phone, or on instant messenger about something i have written here if it in some way displeases you. i say this because i don't care. it's my diary, freakin crap!! don't you get it? leave me alone! if you don't like what you read, STOP READING. i'm not writing it for you, anyway. how hard is this to comprehend???

stop being so sensitive, and like i mentioned before: this diary does NOT define who i am as a person; it is just a bunch of little snippets of things that happen to me, things i happen to think about, etc. so get over it already, whatever IT is. geez.

and p.s. if you think i'm going to hell or possibly going to hell or not being "a good Christian," please refrain from mentioning that to me. i don't want to know that you think that. i'm not going to hell, O.K.? great.

(thanks for listening/reading and honoring my wishes.)

blueavenue at 8:04 p.m.

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