February 22, 2006

now playing: "tell me something bad about tulsa"

no time for chit-chat, but i'm considering getting my own domain. though i have pretty much no idea what that entails. is that how you spell entails? oh well.

the duet i'm singing for the dinner theatre/fundraiser is "if i loved you," which is from camelot. (i think.) coincidence that my audition piece was from camelot as well? i should've sung something from a chorus line, maybe THEN my song could've been "dance 10, looks 3" i.e. TITS AND ASS. ha.

this weather sucks. i wish it would stop misting, raining, etc. i also wish the people in my building would pick up their dog's (or plural: dogs's) crap from off the grass. i haven't stepped in any yet, but i can totally see it coming. anytime now, and i will be pissed. seriously. there are freaking towers all over the complex with BAGS to put it in and trash cans. it's just NOT that difficult.

i'm listening to my zen micro. i'm entering invoices for last month's commissions. i have to finish by today, and currently the ones i have left to do are in a stack about 6 inches thick. i'm hoping i won't have to stay too late.

last night i pretty much bought out Tom Thumb. when things are on sale, like 3 for $6.00! or 10 for $10.00, i feel compelled to partake. it seems beneficial. the guy checking out in front of me was alarmingly hot. i tried my best not to look at him. checked out the magazines, looked at the floor, at the conveyor belt, tried not to eavesdrop on his conversation with the check-out lady, who was quite friendly (to me, too, she didn't discriminate). i hate to appear like i'm staring at overly hot people, and let me tell you: i have a staring problem. just ask my best friend K. she'll tell you. she'll even demonstrate.

ok, really gotta go.

p.s. just say no to office depot; just say yes to staples. don't ask me why. i just like staples. office depot has not wronged me.

p.s.s. i'm getting new glasses in the next few days. yay.

p.s.s.s. george strait just came on my zen. hahaha. country music is funny.

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