November 04, 2004

a very merry un-birthday and 200th entry!

guess what!

this is my 200th entry! WOW. 200. that's a lot. i must make this entry extra-special or something...yeah. hmm. well, i won't type out 200 things about myself, 'cuz that would take forever, but i'm sure i can include something that's interesting.

O.K., i'm just gonna start typing some stuff, and we'll just see how it turns out.

1) i can speak broken spanish and french, and if i were to ever get up the courage to move to france or mexico or spain for 6 months, i'd probably come back fluent.

2) i don't have a lot of courage, despite what some people may think because i moved across the country to big bad new york city.

3) if there were a card-carrying club for people who are doormats, i'd be a member. however, over the course of my 2 and 1/2 yrs. living here, i've learned how to assert myself a lot more successfully and more often.

4) i have issues when it comes to men. don't ask why. you don't want to know. heh. either guys always like me way more than i like them, or i really like guys who don't like me at all. i think it may be a personal problem. subconscious attempt to avoid getting hurt?? regardless, i pick the wrong ones.

5) i've never had a serious relationship.

6) i have, however, had my heart broken by someone who i truly believed cared about me, when he, in fact, has never cared about anyone but himself.
you can read about this HERE. granted, there's a lot more to the story, and this was written quite a while ago.

7) i just started my own Mary Kay business, and i have a giant plastic storage container filled with skin care and beauty products sitting in my bathroom right now, just waiting to be purchased.

8) i am obsessed with make-up and skincare products. i am a make-up junkie, and i have hundreds of products: lip glosses, blushes, eye liners, mascaras, many of which i have used only once or twice and may never use again.

9) i am also obsessed with school supplies, and especially with writing utensils. i have hordes of pens and pencils and mechanical pencils. my favorite pencil is my Dr. Grip by pentel. my favorite pens are these and these.

10) i bought a sony playstation just so i could play Dance Dance Revolution. i don't play it very often anymore, but i lost a lot of weight back in the day by playing every day for a couple of hours with my best friend. i impress people at arcades with my useless skill at DDR. not really.

11) i have a problem with the number 11 because it refuses to leave me alone. i can't make it through a day without seeing it (in multiples). it's annoying, but i also like it because i was born on the 11th of march.

12) i have no idea who or where i would be today if it wasn't for Carol Dickson, my music teacher in elementary school, who practically forced me to sing solos in christmas plays and to sign up for choir in middle school. i am still trying to find her, so that i can call her and tell her this.

13) i have had a few teachers in my lifetime who made an extreme impact on my life and on my character. my choir director during my last 2 years of high school was literally one of my best friends, and i cried because i had to leave him behind.

14) i'm going to paint my new living room red.

15) i have seven nieces and nephews, ranging in age from 2 years to 17 years old. (4 of them are my sister's 2 sets of twins, all fraternal.)

16) i could easily be considered the "black sheep" in my family, even though i have never done anything wrong by most people's standards, simply because i have chosen a semi-nontraditional path in my life thus far.

17) my dad plays videos/cds of my singing engagements to anyone who steps through their front door, whether they want to see/hear them or not. he even brings them to his office (i have been the "entertainment" of two of the christmas parties for dallas's division of the US defense agency). he has little regard for what anyone wants or doesn't want.

18) i have seen the musical RENT on broadway 5 times. i wrote a 10-page research paper on the show for my Music History 4 class at Baylor. i wrote it the night before and got an A. i did that a lot in college.

19) my best skills lie in singing and writing and making everyone think i like them, whether or not i really do. this is an especially useful skill when waiting tables or when participating in RUSH with your sorority.

20) i'm a member of Zeta Tau Alpha. i somehow managed to be, simultaneously, very involved AND on the outskirts of the whole thing. i only keep in touch with 3 or 4 of my "sisters."

21) i didn't have a drink of alcohol until i was 20 years old. (sorry, Mom. so close.)

22) i'm a very good girl. really.

23) i'm very messy and very organized at the same time. when i lived w/my best friend, she'd always say, "hey, where is my _______?" and i'd look down at the floor in concentration for a few moments until i could picture the object in my head. then i'd say "it's in the bottom right dresser drawer under the socks." she loved me for that.

24) i am spoiled, always have been.

25) i have an irrational fear of bees and wasps, and i have never been stung by one. (knock on wood.)

26) i am thinking about applying to grad school for journalism.

27) i have a very volatile, love-hate relationship with the subway.

28) i always hated group projects because i don't trust people to do a good job. "if you want it done right, do it yourself."

29) i will never be able to tell anyone "my favorite song," because there are WAY too many. i also find it hard to tell people "what kind of music i like," as there are so many kinds.

30) i desperately want to see "La Traviata" at the Metropolitan Opera, but I probably already missed it this season.

31) i've had a voice lesson with the man who teaches celine dion, mariah carey, and faith hill. he has the most commanding presence i have ever experienced in my life, not to mention the deepest speaking voice. now i study with his wife, who is an absolutely wonderful person. she just glows, and she adores her daughter, which is so cool. she costs a lot of money, and i can't afford lessons much anymore.

32) if it weren't for the fact that i want to have kids one day, i may not ever feel the need/desire to get married.

33) i have now lived in 5 apartments in NYC. the only borough i haven't visited is the Bronx, and i've lived in 3 out of the 5.

34) i love dressing casual. i would wear jeans or cords for the rest of my life with few exceptions if possible. i would wear flip flops every day if it didn't get too cold and if i didn't like my chuck taylors so much.

35) i admire everyone in my family for one reason or another.

36) my paternal grandmother died right before i graduated from high school, and i still miss her badly. i think she's around, though.

37) my maternal grandparents' house in Farmersville, TX is haunted. i saw a ghost when i was 5 or 6 years old, and i remember it somewhat vividly. it was damn scary.

38) my mom thinks everything i do and say is great and funny and just wonderful, and for that, i am thankful.

39) i sometimes struggle with depression, though i don't know that it's clinical.

40) i can be extremely witty sometimes, and i love it when i make people laugh. it makes me feel good.

41) i love mike myers, though i don't own any of his movies.

42) i wish i could be on SNL one day.

43) i used to be obsessed with J.C. from N Sync. i am not ashamed. though now i think he's kinda funny looking.

44) i had a poem published in a kids' magazine when i was 9, and i thought that was really cool. well, it WAS really cool at the time.

45) i was once cursed out in the Museum of Natural History in NYC by my boyfriend's ex-girlfriend. it wasn't pretty.

46) i kind of hate confrontation.

47) when i was in 4th grade, my best friend Jeff accidentally hit me in the head with a sledge hammer. i only had to get 9 stitches, but it hurt like all get out. heh, that's such a southern phrase.

48) in 6th grade i almost got expelled because the administration strongly believed i was conspiring to burn down the playground. WHAT?

49) i was a National Merit Hispanic Finalist and a National Merit Commended Scholar.

50) i like to brag to people i don't know very well. heh.

that's probably enough for now, considering it's quite late. i always tell people i could talk (especially about myself) forever. and it's true. just try to stop me. heh. well, if you're still reading, i commend you. thanks, buddy! happy 200th entry!

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